How We Stack Up


Time of Fligh

These sensor types are notoriously expensive that can translate to 10s to 100s of millions of dollars to an automakers’ overhead. Hands on wheel (FOV), eyelid closure & Gaze detection (resolution limitation), also suffers in direct sun light.



Radar sensors, while more affordable, have limited functionality and application capability. Struggles with metallic objects in the cabin. Introducing a radar system to an already existing camera is not an organic integration as opposed to having one, elegant optical system.



Camera-only sensors rely on just one modality creating several reliability issues. Increase in reliability when adding depth: Edge cases for occupancy, Distance from Airbag, Intruder alert, Hands on wheel,

Guardian’s Sensor

By combining three unique modalities, Guardian provides an unprecedented functionality, reliability, at a price that can actually save automakers money per vehicle.