About Guardian

Guardian is owned by Gentex, a technology company providing electro-optical products to the automotive, aerospace, fire protection and medical industries.

Guardian Optical technologies has developed breakthrough, patent-pending sensor technology encompassing 2D, 3D and motion analysis in a single sensor designed to enable automobile manufacturers to produce safer, more convenient ‘passenger aware’ cars at a lower cost.

Based in Tel Aviv, Israel, Guardian, a market leader for in-cabin monitoring systems, has won major accelerator competitions sponsored by Microsoft and Eco-Motion (Israel’s largest Auto-tech group). It has several patents pending, with other patent applications in progress.

Guardian is engaged in mutual development projects with car companies, providing customers and partners the opportunity to perform fully supported on-site evaluations and integration in their test vehicles.

Guardian enables manufacturers to understand what’s going on inside the vehicle, in depth. Our vision is to create the ultimate in-vehicle sensing platform, enabling manufacturers to be more aware of passengers, so that their travel experience will improve over time, and the road will become a safer place for us all

Gil Dotan, CEO, Guardian Optical Technologies