The Guardian Strategy

07 October 2021

Gentex CTO Neil Boehm offers insight into Gentex Corporation and the strategy behind its acquisition of Guardian Optical Technologies.

Within the automotive industry, Gentex is often categorized as a rearview mirror manufacturer, and technically, that’s correct. We annually ship nearly 40 million interior and exterior mirrors to automakers around the globe.

But our mirrors are unique. They can automatically eliminate headlight glare, adjust your thermostat, pay your tolls, record video in case of an accident, scan your iris, monitor driver alertness, and much more. You see, at Gentex, we use the mirror as a strategic electronic module – the ideal location for integrating advanced features that utilize displays, cameras, emitters, transceivers, microprocessors, sensors, microphones, and other electronic components.

And all this integration is done in-house. Over the years, Gentex has systematically morphed into a technology company, highly vertically integrated in a wide range of core competencies that allow us to deliver scalable and tailored digital vision, dimmable glass, connectivity, and sensing products to the global automotive market.

That’s why we’re so excited about our acquisition of Guardian Optical Technologies. For decades, Gentex has integrated displays, cameras, and various ADAS features into our smart rearview mirrors. Because the interior mirror and surrounding windscreen/overhead area has an ideal view of the driver and the entire vehicle cabin, it’s a logical location for the integration of in-cabin monitoring cameras and related components.

Guardian’s sophisticated multi-modal sensor technology and robust software platform further bolster our cabin monitoring expertise and allow us to immediately offer a range of solutions to our automaker customers.

Moving forward, Guardian will operate as Gentex Technologies Israel, and we look forward to growing and advancing the local team as we expand our capabilities and expertise. Israel has become a hotbed for innovation, known for its high concentration of cutting-edge technology companies, and we’re eager to play a role in advancing this entrepreneurial culture.

Neil Boehm Chief Technology Officer and Vice President of Engineering